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Presented by Anita Delmar, B.Sc., B.Ed.

Give Your Son or Daughter
Powerful Tools
for Math and Science Success

graduation picture of daughter with parents Are you frustrated because you know your son is intelligent and you just can't understand why he has been unable to get the results in math or science you know he is capable of?

Have you ever wanted to help your daughter but didn't know how because math and science were never your subjects either?

Awesome Grades in Math and Science (AGMS) is a truly unique program that has transformed the lives of countless students... and their parents. AGMS is used by thousands of students, teachers, and schools throughout North America and abroad. Why? It is an easy-to-use, entertaining, and motivating program that gets results! It contains all the tools your teen needs to excel in grade 7-12 math and science subjects.

"My daughter was getting a C in physics when she started learning the skills taught in this program. By the end of the year she attained an A...

We will be forever thankful to Ms. Delmar for believing in our child and making her dream come true i.e. to continue with science at university."

Rebecca, Parent

"… With the help of Ms. Delmar, I approach math and science with confidence, knowing that with the combination of effort and motivation, anything is possible...

I believe that without Ms. Delmar's encouragement, I would have never reached my maximum potential in school."

Dan, Grade 11 Student

"My grade 12 physics grades improved from 50's to 80's...

Ms. Delmar's teaching methods helped my grades improve immediately, and my attitude improve indefinitely."

Richard, 3rd Year University Student
Political Science Major
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Our Unique Approach to Success

Awesome Grades in Math and Science is unique because it enables students to overcome the obstacles that cause them to struggle in math and science subjects.

But why do so many students struggle with math and science in the first place? In my experience, there are two primary causes for their difficulty:

1.  They lack effective learning skills that are essential to success in math and science. Since math and science deal with abstract concepts much more often than other subjects, they require skills that most students do not naturally develop. For example:

  • effective mathematical problem solving skills
  • memorization skills needed to easily remember numerous mathematical and scientific formulas
  • effective test-preparation skills for math and science
  • effective test-taking skills for math and science
  • time management skills - success in math and science requires students to devote a proportionately greater amount of time to these subjects, so they must learn how to schedule the time needed without compromising the time required by other courses
  • and many other essential math and science learning skills
  It is important to distinguish here between "learning skills" such as those mentioned above, and the actual math and science "subject matter" that students need to learn - fractions, trigonometry, human anatomy, etc. Here's why:

There are literally thousands of resources available that students, parents, and teachers turn to for help in math and science -- books, videos, software, Web sites, tutors, and learning centers. Yet so many students continue to struggle in these subjects. Why is this?

The answer, in my experience, is that the vast majority of these resources focus exclusively on the subject matter and not at all (or very little) on essential learning skills as highlighted above.

I am not saying that resources that focus solely on the subject matter are not important. In fact, they too are essential (which is why AGMS includes some of the absolute best math and science Web resources available).

However, I believe that if you are focusing only on the subject matter...

graphic of shooting off target ... then you are shooting off target.

The bottom line: Math and science learning skills are critical to lasting success in these subjects. No doubt about it.

2.  The second reason that students struggle in math and science is that they lack confidence in their ability to succeed in these subjects, and as a result lack the self-motivation to consistently do the work required to succeed. There are two common reasons for this:

  1. Many students (and people in general for that matter) believe that you must be born with "natural" ability to succeed in math and science subjects. But this is a myth.

    Of course, it is true that some people are more naturally inclined to grasp math and science concepts than others, but this is only a minor factor in determining academic success.

    Having personally worked with literally hundreds of students from virtually all walks of life, I can tell you without a doubt that the math and science ability you are born with does not determine your level of success in these subjects. The truth is that in most cases, success in math and science is about 10% natural ability and 90% genuine effort.

  2. Another reason why students lack confidence in their math and science ability and lack the motivation to put forth a fair effort is that they've never done well in these subjects before, so they believe they never will do well. But in actuality, this belief is the result of never having acquired the skills necessary for success in math and science.
The point is that with the right tools, any grade 7-12 student can improve his or her level of math and science achievement. All it takes is acquiring a few essential skills. And with the right approach, any student can master these skills quickly and easily.

"Anita works with students ranging the gamut of abilities, teaching Math and Science...

... she has developed strategies and materials for students which are as interesting to students as they are effective. Having had the privilege of helping to 'field test' a few of these methods I can attest first hand to their efficacy - they work!"

Graeme Mawson
Vice Principal, Private High School

"… Ms. Delmar's teaching methods gave me the confidence and the skills needed to pursue advanced scientific studies.

... I first saw the excellent results of this [summary notes] method when I received a much higher mark on my grade 9 science exam than I ever thought possible, and I have been employing this method in all my courses ever since…

The fact that my high school science marks improved by two full letter grades shows me that Ms. Delmar's teaching style works very well for a student like me who is not a naturally scientifically inclined person…"

Sari, 1st Year University Student
Life Sciences Program

"Anita is skilled at helping students master the tools they need to succeed."

Susan Lawrence, Science Teacher
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AGMS gives students all the tools they need to quickly master the skills needed for math and science success. One of the main reasons that the program is so effective is that it gives students a system for learning these skills. Having a system to follow offers students two major advantages:

  1. It lends structure to the learning process, and virtually every student needs more structure.
  2. It gives students direction so they know exactly how to get started and what to do next at each stage of the learning process. Every method and strategy is clearly laid out, step-by-step.
As your teen applies each method or strategy to the specific math or science subject matter he needs to learn, he is able to grasp the concepts much more easily. As he practices using these methods just a few times, the skills he acquires will become second nature to him.

By using AGMS, your son or daughter will quickly experience an accumulation of small successes that creates a growing level of self-confidence and motivation. Math and science subjects turn from an impossible struggle into an exciting, attainable challenge. This change in outlook is critical to true and long-lasting math and science success.

"... At first math class was difficult, or rather, as I saw it, impossible... It was with the techniques you provided that I became able to tackle obstacles... I feel like I have gained a tremendous insight into the math logic I find so illogical..."

Gila, Grade 12 Student

"I have seen Anita logically and systematically define and clarify the essentials of the grade 9 and 10 science curricula to students with learning disabilities, thus enabling the students to grasp complex scientific concepts with ease rather than frustration."

Tobi Bongard, Special Education Teacher

"... Now, I enjoy going to class whether it be Chemistry or Calculus, Physics or Algebra & Geometry...

Ms. Delmar taught and encouraged me to rise to the occasion and work to my full potential. Thanks mainly to her, I managed... to be selected as one of the 70 students worldwide to research at one of the top Technological Universities in the world and have generated good enough marks and a passion for the sciences to decide to pursue a career in sciences."

Ryan, Grade 11 Student
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The 4 Tools of AGMS

Tool #1: "Awesome Grades in Math and Science" - Main Volume

The AGMS Main Volume consists of over 200 pages of highly effective, proven strategies and methods that can be applied to virtually any math or science subject.

But don't worry about your teen being overwhelmed - she certainly doesn't have to use all the tools I provide to see improvement. And she definitely does not need to put all of them into practice at the same time.

I promise you that if your teen uses only one or two methods from this section that work for him or her and practices them consistently, it can change his or her math and science life forever:
  • how to prepare effectively for math and science tests
  • how to become an expert test-taker in math and science subjects
  • how to become a master problem solver for any type of math or physics problem
  • how to build confidence in his/her ability to succeed in math and science subjects
  • how to become self-motivated to consistently do the work required to succeed
  • how to develop thorough, well organized, easy-to-learn summary notes for any math or science test or exam
  • how to manage time efficiently in order to keep up with class work and avoid last minute cramming for tests
  • how to use past failures to fuel future successes
  • how to develop productive relationships with your teachers
  • how to convert a huge, overwhelming workload into small, manageable tasks… and wipe the worry right out of study time
  • how to get past "math phobia"
  • how to memorize the material that needs to be learned easily, quickly, and completely… an especially effective system for memorizing large amounts of information, such as for a biology or chemistry exam
  • a sure-fire method for identifying structures in biology diagrams, quickly and easily
  • the most common mathematical errors that students tend to make… and how to avoid making them
  • how to ace any math or science multiple choice test
  • how to create a study schedule that enables a student to be totally organized and prepared for all his tests, exams, and assignments
  • how to create an optimal test-taking state of mind and avoid "blanking out" due to test anxiety
  • and much more
By practicing just a few of the above strategies and methods, your teen will develop the skills needed to become an effective learner in math and science classes, even if he or she was not born with a high level of "natural" ability in these subjects.

"... I now don't think of Physics as 'impossible'. Ms. Delmar made everything seem so simple...

Now I am in the school of Architecture at McGill University and I can honestly say that Ms. Delmar played an important role in my high school experience leading me to where I am now."

Joanne, 1st Year University Student
Architecture Program

"I was impressed with her [Anita's] understanding of students' attitudes, learning styles and a genuine belief that all have the ability to succeed...

... Anita's motivation, encouragement and guidance has given my daughter more self confidence to persevere and see improvements in her understanding of math.

... The improvements continue both in her marks and in her confidence.

Anita's teachings have impacted positively in making my daughter's school year easier to manage. Anita is a dedicated and professional person who genuinely cares about the well being of her students."

Esther Hakoun, Parent, Teacher
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Tool #2: "The Awesome Student's Action Plan Checklist"

The Awesome Student's Action Plan Checklist is every student's irreplaceable diagnostic tool.

It is used in conjunction with the AGMS Main Volume as a foolproof way to ensure that your teen has done everything he needs to do to attain the grade he wants in math or science class.

The checklist is divided into sections based on common themes, for example: Mastering Problem Solving, Acing Multiple Choice Tests, Success Scheduling, etc. - 13 pages in all. Each section incorporates ideas from one or more related lessons from the AGMS Main Volume.

Your teen goes through the checklist and checks off the strategies he has already completed and indicates the ones that he still needs to do or re-do. It enables him to zero-in on exactly what he needs to do to get the result he wants with pinpoint accuracy. No stone will be left unturned.

Tool #3: "The Ultimate Web Resource List for Math and Science Students"

This is my personal collection of the "best of the best" in math and science help sites - more than 40 in all. The sites are organized into categories based on their purpose, and each site listing contains a brief overview of what the site covers and how your son or daughter can make best use of it.

Here's just a small sample of what your teen will find at these Web sites:

  • step-by-step interactive lessons, solutions, and explanations to virtually every type of math problem at the grade 7-12 level… algebra, trigonometry, calculus… you name it
  • clear explanations of virtually every topic she'll study in biology, chemistry, or physics class… from cells to balancing chemical reactions to Newton's Laws… these sites have your teen covered
  • lists of formulas, equations, laws, theorems, etc. that every student needs to remember for math, physics, or chemistry class
  • loads of practice questions to give her that extra edge before a test or exam
  • and much more
Best of all, the list is continually updated for our customers. No outdated sites here -- just a growing collection of the absolute most helpful sites on the Net. A real time-saver!

"The resource list is a goldmine!"

Linda Rauen, Parent
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Tool #4: Subscription to "The AwesomeGrades Newsletter"

The AwesomeGrades Newsletter will keep you informed about anything new which will support your teen in his quest for awesome grades in math and science. The best new help sites, new strategies, student success stories, and more.

But unlike most electronic newsletters which fill up your mailbox month after month with useless junk and product plugs, The AwesomeGrades Newsletter will only be e-mailed to you when we have something new of real value to offer you.

You may receive it twice in a month or once every three months. It may be 5 lines or 5 pages. But rest assured, we won't bombard you with meaningless trash.

Whatever the frequency, whatever the length of message, you can count on The AwesomeGrades Newsletter to deliver awesome tools.

Key Features

Awesome Grades in Math and Science includes many features that make the program easy to use and motivating for grade 7-12 students:
  • clear, well organized, step-by-step strategies and methods
  • plenty of examples that show how each method can be applied to what your son or daughter is learning in his or her math and science classes right now
  • powerful, motivating exercises that build skills and boost confidence
  • colorful, visually appealing, entertaining graphics
  • presented in a fun, conversational, highly engaging manner that students can relate to
"... She [Ms. Delmar] enabled our daughter to overcome obstacles, to gain confidence and to master scientific concepts...

I am sure that both parents and students alike will benefit from this guide."

Keren Epstein-Gilboa, Parent

"Anita provides step-by-step methods for solving math problems that enable students to strengthen their grasp of mathematics.

Anita's problem solving methods have also helped me teach the material more effectively. Clearly, Anita is a teacher who is able to break down abstract concepts into manageable components in an organized, thorough and accessible manner."

Amy Bitton, Special Education Teacher
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Key Benefits

Your son or daughter will experience a multitude of benefits using AGMS. Based on feedback from students, parents, and teachers, the most common benefits that students experience are:
  • an increase in self-motivation to succeed
  • greater self-confidence in their ability to succeed
  • higher grades in math and science
  • improved self-esteem
  • more college and university choices at the end of high school
  • greater career opportunities
  • a confident feeling of self-reliance
"I now realize that many of the skills acquired through this course have applied to a far-reaching range of my academic career and continue to do so...

I am thankful to Ms. Delmar, for having taught me effective study skills, that have stayed with me through high school and into university, and I am certain will continue to have a lasting impact on me."

Aaron, 2nd Year University Student
Computer Engineering Program

"Anita Delmar is an outstanding teacher who takes endless trouble to present her work in a creative yet thorough way, so that every student can benefit from her instruction. I am sure that she is doing many students a great service by creating this program."

Margaret Klompas, Guidance Counselor
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The entire AGMS guide is presented in a clear, colorful, visually appealing "e-book" format (PDF format) that your teen will just love. It includes the following features:
  • both Windows and Mac compatible
  • resides on your own computer - you don't need to be connected to the Internet to use it (except for the "Ultimate Web Resource List for Math and Science Students", of course)
  • easy to navigate
  • enables you to print perfectly formatted pages -- use it directly on your computer or make your own printed copy - your choice
Pricing and Guarantee

An AGMS Single Computer License is only
$29.95 (US dollars)... less than the cost of a typical one-hour tutoring session -- yet the benefits will last a lifetime.

If you want to use the program on more than one computer, you can get an AGMS 2 Computer License for only
$39.95 or an AGMS 5 Computer License for only $69.95.

Your purchase is backed by our 1 Year Unconditional No-Risk Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just ask for your money back anytime during the next
12 months (yes, a full year!). We'll fully refund you immediately, no questions asked.

Ready to discover AGMS? Click here to order now and get started within the next few minutes. Don't put off giving your teen the opportunity to achieve the results you know he or she is capable of.

Click here to order now -- 100% Risk-Free.

You simply can't lose... but you have a whole lot to gain.

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