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Math and Science Tutoring Services
for Grades 7-12 Students

Give your son or daughter the opportunity to achieve
the results you know he or she is capable of.

picture of Anita Welcome! My name is Anita Delmar.

Is your son or daughter struggling in grades 7-12 math or science classes? Do you believe he or she has the ability to do better than merely "scraping by"?

The strategies and skills that I teach have helped countless students to overcome obstacles, build self-confidence, and achieve lasting math and science success.


Here are just a few examples of what parents, students, and teachers have to say about my teaching and tutoring skills:

"... Ms. Delmar's teaching methods gave me the confidence and the skills needed to pursue advanced scientific studies... The fact that my high school science marks improved by two full letter grades shows me that Ms. Delmar's teaching style works very well for a student like me who is not a naturally scientifically inclined person..."

Sari, 1st Year University Student
Life Sciences Program

"... Anita provides step-by-step methods for solving math problems that enable students to strengthen their grasp of mathematics. Clearly, Anita is a teacher who is able to break down abstract concepts into manageable components in an organized, thorough and accessible manner."

Amy Bitton, Special Education Teacher

"... The self-esteem attained through this mentor/student relationship has resulted in overall growth, inclusive of academic achievement ..."

Keren Epstein-Gilboa, Parent
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Qualifications and Teaching Credentials

I have been tutoring and teaching high school math and science since 1988 in a variety of capacities, including private tutoring, classroom teaching, and through the sales of my Awesome Grades in Math and Science program. My formal education includes an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Pure Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education Degree.

I have always had tremendous respect for teenagers and a unique ability to create a special rapport with them. I believe that along with my teaching expertise, it is these qualities that have enabled me to help students consistently achieve results beyond their expectations, regardless of their individual needs and circumstances.

A Comprehensive Approach to Success

My tutoring services are completely individualized, based on student needs. In addition to enabling students to grasp specific math and science concepts, I also provide them with essential study skills, test preparation, and time management strategies necessary for math and science success.

My services include one-on-one teaching and guidance with any or all of the following, as required:
  • math and science subject matter comprehension
  • math and science test preparation skills
  • organizational skills
  • time management strategies
  • building confidence in one's ability to succeed in math and science subjects
  • sustaining long-term motivation to work for academic success
I will also do any or all of the following, as needed, to help your son or daughter:
  • pre-teach, review, reinforce, and quiz particular math and science concepts
  • assign regular follow-up homework to our lessons when necessary - I find this is key to ensuring that students retain what has been covered in our lesson
  • check that homework is being done regularly
  • share information on the progress of the student with parents, as requested
The learning skills I help students develop not only enable them to learn the math and science subject matter more easily, but also have a beneficial "spillover effect" on their confidence and motivation in general, promoting improvement in all other areas of academics as well.

Contact Information

My tutoring services support the grades 7-12 Ontario curriculum. Please call or text me at 416-276-6774 for more information or to book an initial lesson. I would be pleased to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Anita Delmar's signature
Anita Delmar, B.Sc., B.Ed.

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